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The True Value of Building Farmers' Capacities in The Sahel


Agritech Group’s CEO, Mr. William Kwende, boldly states

“The solution to the world’s food and energy crisis is to build farmers’ capacities to implement sustainable and efficient agricultural practices”.

 As the world population grows to 10 – 15 billion by the end of this century, Africa’s population could triple to reach between 2.5-3.6 billion people. Farming models need drastic improvement in productivity and sustainability, not only to accommodate population increase, but also to reduce current poverty levels in both rural and urban areas. Sub-Saharan Africa requires substantial efforts in training, soil management, mechanisation and irrigation, which in turn needs considerable energy, additional infrastructure and financing and investment.

In this respect Agritech Group is unique. Working on the ground with farmers and rural communities in the semi- arid Sahel region of Sub-Saharan Africa, Agritech’s valuable world-wide partners and contacts provide support and innovative ideas and technologies in the field. Rural, affordable, ‘off the grid’ energy solutions, which are largely independent of global energy price shocks, are critical for pumping water and nutrients to Sub-Saharan soils, for transport and for processing plants.

Without affordable energy, adequate water and nutrients do not reach the crops. Without affordable fuel, crops do not reach their destination, are unable to be stored in bulk as seeds for planting or as a food source between harvests, or are unable to be processed for preservation and added value.

The energy, water, food nexus, and the balance in land use and investments in this nexus, is critical.

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