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Ten years in La Matanza

The Etf Hubs Tumblr site celebrates 10 years of our work with communities in the neighbourhood of 24 de Febrero, La Matanza, Buenos Aires. Author: Amber Rees.

Russell Johnson and Marita Dure start Buenos Aires Children’s Fund




Buenos Aires Children’s Fund joins with Ellos Tendrán Futuro (Eft) and starts funding from Christ Episcopal Church, Wyoming, US, Anna and Mark Carter, Freshlets, Bath, UK and smaller ‘crowd funding’ donations from friends and family in the US, Europe and Argentina.





2012 Annual Report. A video of 7 years background, activities and progress.



Etf becomes ETF Hubs. Etf Buenos Aires Hub is self financing with social enterprise activities and ‘crowd funding’


‘Also see Our Story’

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