Etf – model projects helping to break the cycle of poverty

ETF Hubs - supporting projects which are helping to break the cycle of poverty

Ten Years in La Matanza Knowledge exchange and building trust

ETF Buenos Aires activities in a neighbourhood of shanty town origin in La Matanza, 2006-2015, evolved to include local support for Dellcias de Alicia workshops, to learn about the value of eating vegetables for health and active learning.

Delicias de Alicia Making change through social enterprise

ETF supported the start-up of Delicias de Alicia closed door vegetarian resturant which funds cooking workshops for children, giving low cost nutrituous food, adapted from favourite recipies,within the budget of their families.

Ecochefs Global Scaling up best practice food production

Inspired by ETF linked projects Delicias de Alicia and Pisces Responsible Fish Restaurants, Ecochefs Maniva is working with ETF Hubs to expand a network of Ecochefs and quality food producers worldwide, including in The Sahel.

ETF Sweden - Puerto Ruiz Inspiring new initiatives and capacity


Former ETF Volunteers have created the international NGO ETF Sweden. Projects include support for a struggling rural community in the Argentine pampa - currently largely reliant on dwindling river fish stocks - to create vegatable small holdings.

The Sahel Hub Collaborating across borders to optimise project design

ETF Hubs is currentlly crowd funding for The Sahel Hub bringing activities such as cooking workshops and training for added value production to Agritech's Rural Development Cluster Model - training farmers to grow nutritious food and bio-diesel with green technologies.

Our Focus

Our small dedicated teams, our supporters and our advisors, work together to design and run project activities which best suit local opportunities and needs. We focus in three areas:

interactive Education

Helping with Education and training through knowledge exchange and hands-on experience.

sahel practicas ecologicas

green Technologies

Bringing green Technologies and practices which can also provide new sustainable jobs and other income support.

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nutritious Food

Providing knowledge and activities for eating nutritious Food, which is fundamental to health and active learning.

Our Strategy

Stepping back to move forward: Working together to generate and exchange knowledge, understand each others' points of view and tackle issues efficiently from multiple angles through motivated leaders and autonomous projects.

ETF Hubs is inspired by Dr. Ashok Khosla who founded the first social enterprise Development Alternatives, India, over 30 years ago. Dr. Kholsa advises that to end poverty we must create jobs for men and women through green technologies.
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A critical building block for active learning is healthy food and a balanced diet.

Our Impact

With much of our current focus on best practice food production, healthy eating, added income, and other benefits, ETF Hubs creates awareness of the added value and impact of activities by adapting the 'Agregrometro'. For food supply chains, a simple scale of one (worst) to five (best) notes aspects such as:

Ingredientes locales, de estacion, orgánicos


Uso de energía, agua, las tierras

Solar irregation

Empleos e ingresos rurales

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Desperdicio de alimentos mínimo


Comidas ricas, sanas, nutritivas y culturales


Agregrometro, por ejemplo, a cuatro